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Why work with EZiD?

1. Our track record speaks for itself

Unsure about how you can add storage space without compromising your interior design style? Want to reflect light in your room but unsure how to execute that requirement with the limited space in your condo unit?

Loved and trusted by over 35,000 Singaporean homeowners, EZiD is as meticulous as you are. We've got you covered with our curation of the top 1% condo interior design firms that go the extra mile when it comes to designing a home that is truly, uniquely yours.

2. We help streamline your search with our hassle-free Intelligent Matching Platform

With over 5000 interior design firms in Singapore, it can be hard to find one that you really resonate with. Using EZiD's FREE Matching Platform present you with 5 of your most compatible matches, all tailored to your property, budget and preferred themes.

No more wasting precious time, money, or energy scouring for top-notch interior designers that also fit your requirements.

3. All interior designer firms are personally handpicked and vetted to ensure you only get the best

Our founder, Ryan Tan, personally oversees the vetting and curation of the best firms in Singapore, sifting out those with an unsavoury reputation and a less-than-stellar track record to ensure unparalleled quality for you.

Furthermore, when we say we only host the top 1% firms, we mean it. Every 6-12 months, all firms undergo rigorous evaluation procedures to maintain our unparalleled quality.

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Ovon Design

Commute Design Studio

Aart Box Interior

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Finding an Interior Designer Shouldn't Be This Difficult

❌ Too many options

The abundance of interior design firms in Singapore can be overwhelming. When searching on your own, you might find it hard to identify which firms specialise in resale condos or have the style and expertise you're looking for.

❌ Relying on word of mouth

Many condominium owners make the mistake of relying on recommendations from friends or family for their condo renovation projects. Their experiences might not match your unique needs, leading you to overlook firms that could be a better fit for your specific requirements.

❌ Wasting time and energy deciding

Without prior knowledge of your condo interior design, you may find it challenging to differentiate between the services and quality offered by various firms. It can be time-consuming and exhausting to compare and contrast different firms, leading to decision fatigue.

Enjoy a Smooth Journey to Your Dream Home with EZiD's Free Intelligent Matching Platform

✅  Access our Intelligent Matching Platform

EZiD's straightforward matching platform eliminates the complexities associated with individual searches and provides an efficient way to find suitable interior design firms for your condo renovation.

✅  Get matched with the best 5 firms for your needs

EZiD precisely connects you with the top 5 interior design firms that align with the specific requirements and preferences for your living space (e.g. interior design firms that adopt space-saving strategies or have an in-house carpentry team).

✅  Sit back and wait for the ID firms to call you

Once matched, you can relax as the chosen condo interior designers reach out to you, making the process of your condo interior design project more convenient and less time-consuming.

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What to expect with our free intelligent matching platform

1. Utlise EZiD's FREE Intelligent Matching Platform - it only takes 1 minute!

2. Get a call from EZiD to confirm details, such as budget and interior theme preferences.

3. Get matched with 5 of the most ideal ID firms for you.

4. Wait for your matches to contact you with FREE consultations and quotations!

Hear it Straight from Our Satisfied Clients

Amazing and smooth sailing to get our IDs before we get our keys next year! Thanks to EZiD for making this happen! Will definitely recommend platform to friends and love ones!”
Anisah Shaikh
4BR HDB Renovation
A very simple platform to use. Appreciate the promptness in reaching out to me to hear out my requirements. Follow up from the ID firms were quick too. A great platform to go to if you’re unsure of where to start your ID search.
Xiu Zhen Wong
5BR HDB Renovation
Managed to get linked up in an ID and I love how informative he is in the whole process, especially since we have no prior experience with house renovation at all. Even tho we are still in the midst of choosing, he is definitely in the top 2!! Appreciate the platform!
Lee Jia Lin
4BR HDB Renovation

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