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Get matched with EZiD by submitting your renovation and contact details in July. Up to 20 lucky winners will win cash vouchers worth $179!

What is EZiD?

Ryan Tan, @ryanxgo
Founder of EZiD

EZiD is an intelligent matching platform that matches homeowners like you to trusted boutique ID firms.
Ryan uses his deep experience in interior design to select the top 50 boutique ID firms in Singapore for you. Get your renovation done right without headaches the first time round - without the stress and wasted time!

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1. Design-Centric
We’ve chosen the IDs that go the extra mile when it comes to designing a home that is truly, uniquely yours.
2. Attention to detail
Boutique IDs take great pride in their work and tend to listen more carefully to even your smallest needs and preferences.
3. You simply matter more
Instead of being just another number in a long client queue, your needs looked after more with a boutique designer.
Amazing and smooth sailing to get our IDs before we get our keys next year! Thanks to EZiD for making this happen! Will definitely recommend platform to friends and love ones!”
Anisah Shaikh
4BR HDB Renovation
A very simple platform to use. Appreciate the promptness in reaching out to me to hear out my requirements. Follow up from the ID firms were quick too. A great platform to go to if you’re unsure of where to start your ID search.
Xiu Zhen Wong
5BR HDB Renovation
Managed to get linked up in an ID and I love how informative he is in the whole process, especially since we have no prior experience with house renovation at all. Even tho we are still in the midst of choosing, he is definitely in the top 2!! Appreciate the platform!
Lee Jia Lin
4BR HDB Renovation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EZiD and how does it work?
EZiD is an intelligent matching platform, founded by Ryan,that connects you with trusted boutique interior design (ID) firms in Singapore. When you submit the 'Connect Now' form, our platform will match you to 5 of the IDs that are under Ryan's recommendation. These 5 IDs would be matched based on your renovation needs.
Why should I use EZiD for my home renovation project?
EZiD saves you time and reduces stress by finding a reliable interior design firm for you. We ensure that you be matched with a trusted and highly rated firm, helping you avoid common renovation pitfalls for a smooth experience. Especially in Singapore's renovation landscape where the interior designer industry is not as regulated, our services will help you greatly in terms of filtering out unreliable interior designers.
How much does it cost to use EZiD's interior design matching service?
Our matching service is absolutely free for all homeowners and there are no obligations involved!  Feel free to explore our recommendations without any pressure to choose the interior designers we've suggested.
Have more questions? View our complete FAQ page

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